Sports Events

Spidge Event Photography are sports events specialists. We cover a very wide range of equestrian disciplines and if we had to be pigeon holed this might be where we might fit. However we have covered a variety of other sports including martial arts, rugby, football and athletics. We will hire in specialist skills and kit where necessary if we feel that the event would benefit from this.

We can cover both large and small events and can dovetail our services to provide the appropriate level of coverage. This can extend from a small pony club event through to a county show or event. This flexibility and experience together with resilience has carried us through many events where the weather or circumstances have mitigated against. We have built fault tolerance into our business workflow and equipment estate to enable us to work in most environments.

Do you wish to book us for your next event? Most summer weekends are booked months in advance, sometimes up to a year in advance. Book early to ensure that you retain our services.

Do you have questions that you need answered? Mail or call us on 07880-835596 for an immediate answer.